Friday, October 25, 2013

So many skills needed

I am a jeweler by trade, but to do that I need to be able to do so many things other than just make jewelry.  Most recently I have been working on creating a website, so I need to be a photographer, graphic designer, copy editor, marketer...  I had to decide whether I wanted to have e-commerce on my site, or just redirect people to my Etsy shop.  Since I couldn't use the font I had already been using on my business cards, I needed to redesign my business cards.

Another huge aspect of being a jeweler is figuring out how and where to sell my pieces.  I do have some work for sale at Shop One2 ar RIT, which seems to be a good location for me.  Consignment sales means I have to be a good book keeper to know what pieces they have and what things need to be replaced.  I have my Etsy shop, which provides a slow trickle of business.  Etsy uses my photography and copy writing skills.  Also I participate in many craft shows, which is by far where I sell the most of my work.  Skills needed for craft shows include: brute strength for carrying the tables, book cases, displays, and products; packing knowledge to be able to fit all of that stuff into my tiny car; display design and creation; people skills for talking with the customers; a large bladder, it is sometimes hard to find someone to watch your booth while you find a restroom; packaging design/ selection so the pieces look wonderful when someone brings them home; arithmetic, totaling up orders and charging tax...  you get the picture.  I have been learning how to manage all of this.  There is always room for improvement, I am far from perfect, but I am giving it a solid effort.

All of this to say, check out my new website.