Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Getting started

While I can write, I do not feel like writing was something I was made for, so bear with me.  My posts may be sporadic, poorly edited, slightly misguided, but I will try to track some of my experiences and passions doing the things I was made for.

Of the three things I listed the earliest passion was making.  I have always loved creating things, arts and crafts at summer camp, sewing in home ec, wood working and welding in industrial arts...  I just liked it.  This led me to choose to go to RIT School for American Crafts where I double majored in wood working and metal working.  In the years since I graduated I have always had a studio.  For the last year and a half I have been supporting myself by the work of my hands, half time working for someone else making jewelry and half time working for myself making jewelry, prints, doing a little sewing...  Money is tight at times and I need to learn how to market my work better, but I am glad I made the choice to do my own thing.

A couple years ago at the urging of some friends I started combining the running and making by creating prints to celebrate some of the marathons I have run/ will run.  The most recent print is for the New York City Marathon which I will be running next month.

Selling prints has helped me to be able to afford to travel to races.  I have also made prints for Boston Marathon and Chicago Marathon.  I have talked to a company that puts on local races and I may have a chance to do a print for a half marathon in the spring.  

Hmm, I guess I should try to wrap up this post somehow, but as I said, writing is not something I was made for...  So, thanks for reading.  I'll try to add something in the next few days.

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